Pool Maintenance Tips Every Pool Owner Should Know

There are several reasons to add a swimming pool to your property. A new pool can improve the aesthetic appeal of your house. You can host pool parties or spend quality time with your loved ones at your swimming pool. There are several health benefits of swimming. When you hit the pool regularly, your physical and mental health improves.

You cannot install a pool and forget it. Every pool needs ongoing care and maintenance. Regular pool maintenance in St. Louis addresses current problems and prevents potential problems. It can save you money on pool repair and headaches down the road.

Here are some ways to maintain a pool.

Skim and Scrub Your Pool

Regularly remove debris such as leaves, twigs, and branches from your pool. Consider investing in a robot vacuum designed to clean the bottom of swimming pools. To prevent algae build up, scrub the sides of your pool once every other week. Use a scrub brush to remove any growths.

If your pool has stubborn stains, fill an old sock with chlorine and place it on the spot. Let it sit for a few hours and then scrub the area once more.

Clean Your Filter

Your pool’s filter is its kidneys. It is responsible for removing dirt, dust and debris such as leaves from the water. To keep your pool filter in tip-top shape all year round, clean the filter basket at least once every week and the pipes utilized by your filter once every month.

To clean the filter pipes, simply set your filter to backwash. Remove the leaf basket and clean it.  Once you have removed debris stuck in your leaf basket, turn on the pump and let it run until the waste pipe ejects clean water.

Schedule a Yearly Maintenance Appointment

Have your pool contractor in St Louis inspect and maintain your pool once a year. During a pool maintenance session, your contractor will check different equipment such as filters, heating systems, and pumps to see if they are working properly.

They will inspect the piping for leaks, deep clean your pool and make sure you have a balanced swimming pool.

There are several compelling reasons to schedule a yearly maintenance appointment. With their trained eye, a professional can spot problems that amateurs often miss and address them before they snowball into major issues leading to a costly repair.

Power Wash the Pool Deck

Power wash your pool deck to remove stains. Before power washing your pool deck, sweep the area to get rid of leaves and debris or you may end up spreading them over the area. Set the wand to a low or medium pressure setting. Keep the nozzle several feet off the surface to prevent gouging.

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