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Pool Repair Service in Ballwin, MO

H & H Pools is a leading pool contractor in Ballwin, MO. Whether your pump and motor are not working, or your decking has fallen into disrepair, we can help.

We have put together an A-team of seasoned pool technicians. Their years of experience have equipped them with the expertise and knowledge required to get to the root causes of pool problems and address them. Our pool technicians have mastered different pool repair methods and know how different types of pools operate. Their ability to think outside the box enables them to develop innovative, unconventional, yet effective solutions to pool problems.

We use the latest technologies and advanced pool repair tools to help users complete pool repair tasks safely, swiftly, and effectively. Our pool repair checklists help our technicians keep on track with their tasks. They help ensure that tasks are carried out in an orderly manner. Comprehensive checklists help keep projects on track, preventing costly mistakes.

Pool repair projects need careful planning. Before starting a pool repair project, we come up with a strategy to manage the factors at play. Our experts develop an effective project plan that prevents slip-ups and promotes efficiency.

Our Pool Repair Services

Our pool repair services in Ballwin, MO, include:

  • Pump and Motor Repair: Pool pump and motor can develop problems and fail. Some common signs of pump and motor troubles include cloudy water and unusually high electric bills. Regardless of how complicated the pump and motor problem you are facing is, we can help. 
    • Decking repair: We repair minor cracks in pool decks, and can cover or blend them to improve the appearance of swimming pools. If, however, your decking is seriously damaged, resurfacing it may be a better option.
    • Coping repair/replacement: Has your coping come loose, chipped, cracked or warped? We can carry out the necessary repairs in a timely manner before hairline cracks start appearing. If your coping has worn out, it may be time to replace it.
  • Pool Light Repair/Replacement: Pool lights do not just enhance the beauty of your pool, they also prevent swimming pool accidents at night by illuminating the surrounding area. Whether your pool lights are not working or you are planning a full upgrade to change the look of your pool, we have got you covered.
  • Pool Filter Repair: It is not unusual for pool filters to run into problems every now and then. If your pool filter is malfunctioning, our team will first clean it and change the cartridge. If the problem persists, we will perform a comprehensive inspection to get to the root cause.

At H & H Pools, we are committed to helping pool owners keep their pools in tip-top shape all year round. Have questions about our services? Call our office.


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