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Ultimate Guide to Inground Pools in St. Louis

Pools Installation Near St. Louis

An inground pool is built into the ground. A well-designed and properly installed inground pool can boost your property’s curb appeal. There are several benefits of inground pools. They are made of durable materials and, therefore, last longer than above-ground pools. Your inground pool can be customized to meet your specific needs. Types of Inground Pools Some different types of inground pools include fiberglass inground pools, concrete inground pools, and vinyl inground pools. Each type has its unique benefits and is constructed using a different style. Regardless of the type of inground pool you are considering, hire a professional for...

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Pool Installation, Lake St. Louis

Pool Installation St Louis

  A swimming pool can add charm to your property. The benefits of a swimming pool go beyond aesthetics. It can help you jumpstart an active lifestyle and increase the value of your property in Lake St. Louis.   Pool installation projects can be very complicated. If you decide to install your pool yourself, it is highly likely that you will end up making costly mistakes that can haunt you for years. Pool installation mistakes can lead to costly problems down the road and even reduce the lifespan of your swimming pool. Why choose us in Lake St. Louis? No matter...

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Top 5 Pool Opening Tips

Pool Cleaning

Summer is finally here. As temperatures rise, the urge to take a dip in your pool to beat the heat will get stronger. Before you go swimming, prepare your pool for the season. Pool opening can be a challenging task, especially if you haven't done it before. The right process and tool can make the process smoother and faster. To help ensure a hassle-free pool opening, we have compiled a list of our top pool opening tips. Take a look. Check Your Pool for Damages Visually inspect your pool for any signs of damage or leaks. Keep an eye out...

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8 Ways to Save Money on Pool Installation

pool construction st Louis,

                  A pool is one of the most pleasing areas in your residential property. While it is for you to enjoy swimming or relax any time you want, it also adds beauty to your home. However, pool construction in St. Louis can get expensive depending on various factors. This article sheds light on eight ways to keep pool installation costs down. 8 Ways You Can Save Money on Pool Installation Contact several companies When it comes to installing a swimming pool, it is advised to contact as many pool installation companies in...

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5 Things to Do Before Installing Your New Pool

Pool Installation

A pool can be a worthy addition to your property. Along with improving your home’s aesthetic appeal, a swimming pool can help you maintain an active lifestyle. Before installing a new pool, it is important that you do your homework. Here are some important things to do before installing your pool to ensure smooth sailing. Determine Who Will Use the Pool and For What Purpose Before building your pool, it’s important to consider the needs of people who will be using it. If you have children, you will want to build a shallow area. Teens prefer islands where they can...

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High-Quality, Affordable Swimming Pool Installation Services

Has your pool fallen into disrepair? Let H & H Pools help. Nothing excites us more than giving dull, tired pools complete makeovers. We pride ourselves on being able to ‘Restore Your Backyard Oasis’. Our pros have years of experience restoring unkempt pools to their former glory. They have a cost effective solution to every pool problem. Types/Styles of Pools We have experience designing and constructing different types of pools including Lap Pool A lap pool is built and used for fitness purposes. Lap pools are relatively shallow and narrow.They are typically rectangular in shape. With a lap pool, you...

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