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Pool Maintenance and Pool Repairs in St Louis

A poorly maintained pool can quickly become an eyesore and pose a health risk. Therefore, every homeowner should make pool maintenance a priority. Regular pool maintenance eliminates current problems and prevents future problems from occurring. 

We at H & H Pools are committed to helping pool owners enjoy their swimming pools to the fullest. We are a renowned pool contractor in St. Louis. We consistently meet and exceed client expectations.

Our pros have years of experience restoring pools that were past their prime to their former glory. In addition, they go the extra mile, if required, to deliver projects on time and within budget.  

Pool Maintenance 

Pools need regular maintenance. Periodic pool maintenance in St. Louis improves water quality, adds years to the useful life of the pool, corrects chemical imbalances, and prevents costly repairs. 

We use state-of-the-art technology to deep clean pools. We are an environmentally conscious business. Our pros use green pool cleaning products that remove debris without negatively affecting the environment. 

During a maintenance session, we 

➢ Skim leaves and other debris off the pool’s surface using a long-handled skimmer 

➢ Trim back trees surrounding the pool

➢ Brush sediments that have built upon the walls of the pool 

➢ Vacuum the pool with an automatic vacuum 

➢ Test pool water and add chemicals as necessary 

➢ Check the filter and backwash it if required 

➢ Inspect pool equipment 

 Pool Repair 

Is your pool equipment not working the way it should? We can help. Whether your pool pump is failing or its flow rate has dropped drastically, our team will develop an effective solution. 

Pool repair is best left to experts. If you skip a step or make a mistake while repairing your pool, a long-term problem can develop, or a pool repair tool can cause an injury. When mishandled, pool cleaning chemicals can cause chemical burns and may even present a health hazard if inhaled. In addition, second-degree chemical burns can leave behind unsightly scars. 

We have years of experience repairing pools. Our pros are well aware of these and other safety hazards and take all necessary precautions before entering pools and while repairing them.

When repairing a pool, we do not just focus on the problem at hand but also check if the issue has affected other parts. 

We have a quick turnaround time, but that does not mean we cut corners. On the contrary, our repair teams plan everything and leave nothing to chance. They prepare for the worst-case scenario, allowing them to react appropriately to emergencies. As a result, our clients have peace of mind knowing that a pro is in charge. 

Need help keeping your pool in optimal condition year-round? Call our office. 


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