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Pool Construction Repair and Renovations in Town and Country

H & H Pools is a leading swimming pool contractor in Town and CountryWe take the guesswork out of pool repairs. Our pros use their experience and expertise to reduce turnaround time without cutting corners. 

We are also your go-to team for new pool construction and pool remodeling in Town and Country. We have years of experience building powerful customized solutions that meet or exceed customer expectations. 

Pool Construction 

Pool construction is a specialized job and is best left to experts. Unfortunately, many enthusiastic DIYers fail to realize that having an idea is one thing and executing it is a different ballgame. 

Many pool designers are so obsessed with pool aesthetics that they overlook utility. However, our pros have mastered the art and science of combining aesthetics and functionality in their pool designs.

Some factors we consider when designing a pool such as 

➢ Available space 

➢ The level of privacy required 

➢ Topography 

➢ Pool location 

➢ Project cost 

➢ Desired features 

➢ Construction codes 

We use the latest pool construction tools and equipment that help us complete tasks swiftly, safely, and efficiently. In addition, our tools and techniques prevent mistakes that could push back project deadlines and lead to cost overruns. 

Pool Renovation 

A dated pool looks out of place and can negatively affect the curb appeal of the entire property, not just the backyard. Whether you do not like the appearance of your pool or want to add features to it to improve its functionality, we can help. 

To give pools a new lease of life we

➢ Replace tiles 

➢ Repair or replace the pool deck 

➢ Add spas 

Swimming pools tend to get slippery and pose a slip and trip hazard. To improve swimming pool safety we 

➢ Replace regular pool surfaces with slip-resistance surfaces 

➢ Ensure pools drain properly 

➢ Ensure all electrical equipment are working properly 

➢ Thoroughly clean pools and treat the water with a chemical 


Pool Repair 

A pool in disrepair is not just unsightly but can also pose a health and safety hazard. We are committed to helping pool owners get the most out of their pools. We help pool owners address the following pool problems. 

➢ Cracks in concrete or granite 

➢ Leaks in pool plumbing or the pool itself 

➢ Cracking or chipping pool deck 

➢ Pool filter problems 

➢ Hollow spots 

➢ Pump issues 

Project cost overrun is a significant concern for pool owners. When planning a project, we analyze every factor at play and how it can affect the project budget. We create contingency plans to ensure our teams are not caught off-guard and respond to project roadblocks.

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