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4 Tips to Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean

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  There are several compelling reasons to clean your pool regularly. Regular pool cleaning can keep your pool equipment in top shape and increase your pool’s lifespan. Periodic pool cleaning saves you money on repair and headaches in the long run and allows it to operate efficiently. It reduces the risk of bacterial contamination. Here are some ways to keep your pool clean all year round. Use a Pool Cover Removing fine dust, sand and debris from a pool is a backbreaking work. It is a time consuming exercise. A pool cover can help simplify pool cleaning by keeping leaves,...

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What Does Snow Do to Your Swimming Pool?

Snow Damage Swimming pool

                        Winter is coming. It is a good idea to winterize your pool now. Snow can affect your pool in many ways. When the snow in your pool melts it can make its way into any crack or hole in your pool. When your pool refreezes, the water in the cracks and pores expands and turns into ice and snow, causing serious damage to your pool’s tile and finish. Here are some other ways in which snow can affect your swimming pool. It Can Change Swimming Pool Water Chemistry...

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