Ultimate Guide to Inground Pools in St. Louis

Pools Installation Near St. Louis

An inground pool is built into the ground. A well-designed and properly installed inground pool can boost your property’s curb appeal. There are several benefits of inground pools. They are made of durable materials and, therefore, last longer than above-ground pools. Your inground pool can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Types of Inground Pools

Some different types of inground pools include fiberglass inground pools, concrete inground pools, and vinyl inground pools. Each type has its unique benefits and is constructed using a different style. Regardless of the type of inground pool you are considering, hire a professional for pool installation near you. A swimming pool contractor has acquired specialized knowledge and is always equipped to ensure a flawless pool installation near St. Louis.

Fiberglass Inground Pools

Fiberglass inground pools are very easy to install. They are also less expensive than the other two types of inground pools on this list. Their shell can be installed, connected, and filled in just three weeks. Fiberglass pools are made from gelcoat, a nonporous material that prevents algae buildup. Fiberglass pools are usually smaller than their vinyl and concrete counterparts.

Concrete Inground Pools

Concrete pools are supported by steel rods. Many swimming pool contractors plaster over concrete for enhanced longevity. Concrete inground pools offer unbeatable design flexibility. You can choose a design to fit your preferences. Concrete inground pools are more expensive than fiberglass inground pools and vinyl inground pools but are also more durable. The plaster-coated shell of a concrete inground pool provides better stability.

Vinyl Inground Pools

The bottom of a vinyl inground pool sits on a bed of sand. Because vinyl is malleable, the shape, size, and depth of a vinyl inground pool can be customized. Vinyl inground pools cost less than concrete inground pools but usually require more extensive repairs than them.

General Pool Maintenance and Care Tips

Each type of inground pool requires regular maintenance. Periodic maintenance addresses current pool problems and prevents potential issues. Well-maintained pools perform flawlessly and need less frequent repairs than poorly maintained ones. Regular pool maintenance can add years to your pool’s life.

Follow these tips to keep your inground pool working at its optimal efficiency.

  • Using a telescoping pole with a flat skimmer net or net bag, skim your pool regularly to remove leaves, dead insects, and other debris.
  • Clean the walls and floor of your inground pool to remove stains and prevent algae buildup.
  • Clean the filter, pump basket, and skimmer periodically.
  • Ensure proper water circulation.
  • Check your pool’s pH levels and balance whenever necessary.

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