High-Quality, Affordable Swimming Pool Installation Services

Has your pool fallen into disrepair? Let H & H Pools help. Nothing excites us more than giving dull, tired pools complete makeovers. We pride ourselves on being able to ‘Restore Your Backyard Oasis’. Our pros have years of experience restoring unkempt pools to their former glory. They have a cost effective solution to every pool problem.

Types/Styles of Pools

We have experience designing and constructing different types of pools including

Lap Pool

A lap pool is built and used for fitness purposes. Lap pools are relatively shallow and narrow.They are typically rectangular in shape. With a lap pool, you can swim laps in the privacy of your backyard. If you have a narrow lot, a lap pool can serve as a focal point.

Infinity Pool

Infinity/vanishing edge/negative edge pools are made-to-order. An infinity pool is designed to highlight a view. It gives an illusion of a sheet of water dropping off over the edge of the property like a waterfall.

Architectural Pool

An architectural pool has a structure and definite lines. Architectural pools add a touch of sophistication to properties, improving their aesthetic appeal. An architectural pool often mimics the design or style of the home and even utilizes the same materials for a cohesive look.

In-ground Family Swimming Pool

In-ground swimming pools are multi use recreational pools. They are perfect for active families. These pools are built directly into the ground as a permanent fixture. Concrete is usually the primary construction material used.

Swimming Pool Shapes

When designing a swimming pool, one of the first things to do is choose the shape. The shape of a swimming pool determines the amount of space pool users have for activities.  When choosing the pool shape, we consider various factors such as

➢ The client’s needs and preferences

➢ Whether the pool will be used regularly and if any family member has a mobility impairment

➢ The kind of activities the family plans to engage in

➢ Whether the client wants to add a water feature, fire pit, decking or an outdoor kitchen to the landscape

➢ The amount of decking and patio area desired

Rectangular Pool

The popularity of rectangular pools continues to grow. Their sleek design conveys sophistication. A rectangular pool is ideal for swimming laps and other water exercises.

Rectangular pools can be modified to fit the specific needs and preferences of property owners. For example, the edges of a rectangular pool can be rounded off to soften the silhouette or include a round spa at either end.

Kidney-shaped Pool

A kidney-shaped pool is rounded on both sides that curve towards each other at the edges. One end of many kidney-shaped pools is deeper or shallower than the other. The peculiar shape of kidney-shaped pools allows pool designers to incorporate different design features.

Figure-8 Pool

A Figure-8 pool has circular ends and a narrow midsection.  The ends of Figure-8 pools do not have to be the exact same size.  They provide more swimming area than Kidney-shaped pools.

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