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Pool Maintenance and Pool Repairs in St Louis

A poorly maintained pool can quickly become an eyesore and pose a health risk. Therefore, every homeowner should make pool maintenance a priority. Regular pool maintenance eliminates current problems and prevents future problems from occurring.  We at H & H...

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St. Louis Concrete Pool Repair & New Construction

H&H Pools is your partner to keep your concrete pool and concrete pool deck in beautiful, pristine condition. Our experience and material understanding, have over 40 years in the concrete business, ensures you get the right solution for your outdoor...

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Pool Renovations

Pool coping , tile, outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplace, firepit, pergola, fountains, waterfalls, sheer descents, grottos, swim up bar, underwater bar stools, new bench, tanning shelf, raised walls, safety ledge, dry creeks, rain garden. Epoxy Paint: Panels, concrete, fiberglass.

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Ultimate Guide to Inground Pools in St. Louis

Pools Installation Near St. Louis

An inground pool is built into the ground. A well-designed and properly installed inground pool can boost your property’s curb appeal. There are several benefits of inground pools. They are made of durable materials and, therefore, last longer than above-ground pools. Your inground pool can be customized to meet your specific needs. Types of Inground Pools Some different types of inground pools include fiberglass inground pools, concrete inground pools, and vinyl inground pools. Each type has its unique benefits and is constructed using a different style. Regardless of the type of inground pool you are considering, hire a professional for...

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What Makes Us One of the Best Pool Builders in St Louis, MO? Let Us Count the Ways.

Pool Companies Near Saint Louis

There are several compelling reasons to add a swimming pool to your property. A well-designed and properly installed swimming pool can help create a relaxing outdoor living area. Swimming is a great exercise. Taking a dip in a swimming pool regularly is a great way to reduce stress and anxiety. Are you planning to build a swimming pool yourself? Think again! Building a swimming pool is a specialized task and requires highly specialized skills. An amateur isn’t equipped to manage pool installation complexities and is highly likely to make installation mistakes that can adversely affect the performance of the swimming...

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Pool Installation, Lake St. Louis

Pool Installation St Louis

  A swimming pool can add charm to your property. The benefits of a swimming pool go beyond aesthetics. It can help you jumpstart an active lifestyle and increase the value of your property in Lake St. Louis.   Pool installation projects can be very complicated. If you decide to install your pool yourself, it is highly likely that you will end up making costly mistakes that can haunt you for years. Pool installation mistakes can lead to costly problems down the road and even reduce the lifespan of your swimming pool. Why choose us in Lake St. Louis? No matter...

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When Is The Perfect Time For A Pool Repair?

Pool Repair St Louis

A well-designed and properly installed swimming pool can increase the value of your property and unlock the door to a healthy lifestyle. Over time, pools can develop problems that can affect their performance and lifespan. If you’re trying to deal with a pool problem, do not wait too long to schedule a pool repair. Timely pool repair in St. Louis addresses pool problems before they snowball into major concerns saving you time and money down the road. When to Schedule a Professional Pool Repair? The right time to repair a pool depends on the severity of the problem, pool usage...

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Custom In-Ground Swimming Pools in St. Louis, MO

A person's hand reaching out into the water.

  Unlike above-ground swimming pools that are partially installed in the ground and are semi-permanent structures, in-ground swimming pools are built permanently into the ground. In-ground swimming pools are more durable than above-ground pools. When installed properly, an in-ground swimming pool can transform a regular backyard into an oasis and help you and your loved ones maintain an active lifestyle. H & H Pools: A Name That Stands Out From the Crowd Want to add an in-ground swimming pool to your backyard? H & H Pools can manage your project from start to finish. Our proven track record of success...

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Personalized Weekly Pool Maintenance in St. Louis County, MO

A swimming pool in front of a house.

  Unkempt pools are an eyesore. If you fail to stick to your pool maintenance schedule, algae and disease-causing germs (such as Norovirus, E. Coli, and Giardia) can start growing in your pool. Contaminated pool water can cause a number of diseases. Lack of maintenance can also lead to pool equipment developing problems that can be very costly to fix. Importance of Regular Professional Pool Maintenance Regardless of the type of pool you have, it needs regular maintenance. Pool maintenance in St. Louis helps diagnose current problems and prevent potential future issues. It can save you headaches and money on...

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Make Your Pool Eco-Friendly

Pool Eco- Friendly

  A swimming pool is a worthy addition to any property. In addition to boosting your property's curb appeal, a well-designed swimming pool can help you stay physically active and turn your backyard into an oasis where you can spend quality time with your friends and family. Swimming pools use a lot of resources. Chemicals that are added to swimming pools to ensure their water is fit for swimming are hazardous to the environment. Pools also consume a lot of energy. If you want to contribute to sustainability and reduce your carbon footprint, take the following steps to make your...

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What You Need to Know About Pool Maintenance

Pool Maintenance

Swimming pools are the best way to beat the summer heat and enjoy quality time with friends and family. But, with great fun comes great responsibility. Proper pool maintenance is crucial to keep it safe and healthy for everyone who uses it. So let's discuss everything you should know about pool maintenance in St. Louis. Why is pool maintenance essential? It ensures the pool is safe for swimming by maintaining proper water chemistry and eliminating harmful bacteria and contaminants. It extends the life of pool equipment, such as the pump, filter, and heater, by keeping them clean and in good...

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Looking For In-ground Pool Contractors in Your City? Here’s How to Find Them

Ground Pool

  An in-ground pool can be a worthy addition to any property. In addition to improving the appearance of your property, an in-ground pool can help you stay physically active. Whether you want to have a new pool installed or an existing one upgraded, hire a pool contractor in St. Louis for the job. An experienced pool contractor brings a plethora of specialized knowledge to the table. They know how different types of swimming pools work and have mastered pool construction techniques. All pool contractors, however, are not created equal. When looking for a trustworthy pool contractor, you may meet...

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Top 5 Pool Opening Tips

Pool Cleaning

Summer is finally here. As temperatures rise, the urge to take a dip in your pool to beat the heat will get stronger. Before you go swimming, prepare your pool for the season. Pool opening can be a challenging task, especially if you haven't done it before. The right process and tool can make the process smoother and faster. To help ensure a hassle-free pool opening, we have compiled a list of our top pool opening tips. Take a look. Check Your Pool for Damages Visually inspect your pool for any signs of damage or leaks. Keep an eye out...

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