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Personalized Weekly Pool Maintenance in St. Louis County, MO

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  Unkempt pools are an eyesore. If you fail to stick to your pool maintenance schedule, algae and disease-causing germs (such as Norovirus, E. Coli, and Giardia) can start growing in your pool. Contaminated pool water can cause a number of diseases. Lack of maintenance can also lead to pool equipment developing problems that can be very costly to fix. Importance of Regular Professional Pool Maintenance Regardless of the type of pool you have, it needs regular maintenance. Pool maintenance in St. Louis helps diagnose current problems and prevent potential future issues. It can save you headaches and money on...

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4 Tips to Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean

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  There are several compelling reasons to clean your pool regularly. Regular pool cleaning can keep your pool equipment in top shape and increase your pool’s lifespan. Periodic pool cleaning saves you money on repair and headaches in the long run and allows it to operate efficiently. It reduces the risk of bacterial contamination. Here are some ways to keep your pool clean all year round. Use a Pool Cover Removing fine dust, sand and debris from a pool is a backbreaking work. It is a time consuming exercise. A pool cover can help simplify pool cleaning by keeping leaves,...

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4 Steps to Planning a Pool Renovation

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                  From enhanced energy efficiency to improved safety and usability, there are several compelling reasons to consider a pool renovation. If your pool is too old, you can plan a pool renovation to add new features to it or lend it a clean, contemporary look. Planning a pool renovation project can seem to be overwhelming. Do your homework. Talk to friends, family members, or colleagues who have recently renovated their pools. Ask them what to expect and how to structure your project. When planning your project, take one step at a time....

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Pool Maintenance Tips Every Pool Owner Should Know

There are several reasons to add a swimming pool to your property. A new pool can improve the aesthetic appeal of your house. You can host pool parties or spend quality time with your loved ones at your swimming pool. There are several health benefits of swimming. When you hit the pool regularly, your physical and mental health improves. You cannot install a pool and forget it. Every pool needs ongoing care and maintenance. Regular pool maintenance in St. Louis addresses current problems and prevents potential problems. It can save you money on pool repair and headaches down the road....

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