4 Reasons to Renovate Your Pool

Adding a swimming pool to your home is a great way to give it a facelift. Not only do swimming pools add character to homes, but they also help homeowners live an active lifestyle. A swimming pool can help create a relaxation space where you can hang out with your friends and family.

Age-related deterioration can affect the appearance and functionality of your swimming pool. An old pool that has fallen into disrepair can present safety concerns. A pool renovation in St. Louis can help address these concerns. It provides you with the opportunity to redesign your swimming pool to suit your lifestyle.

Here are some reasons to give your swimming pool a makeover.

➢   Leaks: You know your pool needs a renovation if it springs a leak frequently. The most common sign of a swimming pool leak is an inexplicable drop in pool water level

➢   Your swimming pool system is too old: As swimming pool systems age, essential mechanical equipment begins to deteriorate and gradually lose its effectiveness. If your pool’s mechanical components have started failing, have your pool contractor replace them with new parts

➢   It is outdated: If your swimming pool was installed decades ago, its design and style might have fallen out of favor. A pool renovation allows you to redesign your pool and ensure that it is up to code

➢   Add features: If your circumstances have changed over the years, consider adding features to your pool. If, for example, you welcomed a child recently, you will want to make your pool safer for them by implementing multiple layers of protection, or maybe you have more money at your disposal now than when you installed your pool and want to add a pool water element to it

The Right Time to Remodel Your Pool

Remodel your pool in winter or autumn, so your new pool is ready by summer, and you and your loved ones can enjoy it throughout summer. Also, winter and autumn mark the off-season for pool contractors, which means you should have no difficulty finding an experienced and skilled contractor.

Because contractors do not get much work during the off-season, they are more willing to offer discounts. If you plan your project in winter or autumn, it is highly likely you’ll get the best deal. With fewer projects to manage, your contractor will stay focused on your project, and you can rest assured that they will deliver your project on time.

Pool Renovation Benefits

A pool renovation can

➢ Improve swimming pool safety

➢ Extend the lifespan of your swimming pool

➢ Save you money on repair and headaches down the road

➢ Make your pool more energy efficient

➢ Make your pool more enjoyable

Whether you want to repair, restore or restyle your pool, H & H Pools has got you covered. Our pool technicians have years of experience giving unkempt, dilapidated pools chic makeovers. To schedule pool maintenance in St. Louis, call (636) 209-8449.