Pool Maintenance Program

Pool Maintenance


H & H Pools is a licensed company offering professional swimming pool services, including swimming pool design, repair, and maintenance. Our pool maintenance service plan ensures keeping the swimming pool clean and healthy throughout the seasons.

Our Pool Maintenance Program

When our pool maintenance professionals arrive at your place, they come with all the equipment and safety tools required to deliver the maintenance service. Our pool maintenance process includes multiple tasks, including the following:

Water Quality Check

Water in your swimming pool can get dirty so severely that it can increase the risk of bacteria and algae formation. We check the water quality in your pool, clean it, and use safe chemicals to keep it safe against bacteria. We also make sure to balance its pH levels.

Finishing Inspection

Regardless of what your pool is made of (plaster, tile, or aggregate), its finish should be maintained to keep it good for a long time. Our team will brush the pool walls, floors, and stairs to ensure the surface is clean and safe for you to use.

Filter System Check

The water filter system of your pool also needs proper attention from time to time because if it fails to perform properly, the water color may change, the pump may clog, algae may grow, and other equipment may get damaged. With regular maintenance, we keep your pool’s water filter clean and inspect it for any need for repair.

Skimmers and Returns Cleaning

As pool skimmers and returns play a crucial role in keeping your pool clean, they are also subject to getting dirty and even clogged. If they are not maintained properly, they can malfunction or need expensive repair work. With our pool maintenance program, you can ensure your pool skimmers and returns work correctly for a long time.

Equipment Maintenance

We have a team of professionally trained and experienced pool maintenance specialists who make sure your swimming pool equipment remains maintained. Chemical equipment is a vital part of your pool; we ensure it releases the right level of chlorine in the water, keeping your pool safe for you and your family members.

The specific things that we inspect during a regular pool maintenance process are as follows:

  • Pool floors
  • Filter
  • Pool water heater
  • Return lines
  • Pool lighting
  • Breakers
  • Pool fence
  • Diving board
  • Tiles

Why is Pool Maintenance Crucial?

To Keep Pool Water Clean and Safe

Proper and timely maintenance ensures your pool is free from debris, and chlorine equipment works well so that you get clean and safe water to swim in.

To Avoid Damage

Lack of maintenance can lead to the growth of algae and bacteria that can affect not only your health but also the walls and structure of your pool.

To Maintain the Equipment’s Life Expectancy

Routine pool maintenance keeps your pool equipment clean and in well-functioning condition, helping maintain or increase its life expectancy.

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