How to Clean Your Own Pool

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If you have a swimming pool, you know how important it is to clean it regularly. While most homeowners prefer hiring professionals for pool cleaning, you may also clean your own pool if you want to save money or if you like cleaning your pool yourself.

However, while cleaning, if you find any signs of damage, it is advised not to repair it on your own as most likely you are not a pool repair expert. Instead, search online for pool repair companies near me, and you can choose the one that seems reputed and dependable to you. Let’s now discuss how you can clean your pool in 6 simple steps.

Remove Leaves and Debris

The first step to cleaning your pool is using a leaves net to pull out dried leaves and debris floating on your pool water. If you have skimmers installed in your pool, you should clean them regularly as they can clog over time.

Shock Your Pool

After cleaning your pool, shocking your pool is important to make the water safe enough to swim. First, increase the level of chlorine in the water and keep it between 8 to 15 ppm. It will effectively eliminate algae and other harmful organisms. You may use pool test strips to check the chlorine level in the water.

Brush Up Your Pool

You will also need to use a brush to clean the algae buildup collected on the walls of your swimming pool. After vigorously brushing the walls, head toward the bottom of the pool to clean the scum and algae that developed over time. Brushing the pool will ensure all hard debris and algae are removed before you take the next step.

Use a Vacuum For Deeper Cleaning

You should also use a powerful wet vacuum cleaner to clean out all the dirt and debris left on the bottom of your pool. Unfortunately, homeowners often avoid deeper cleaning, unaware of its scope and importance. Make sure you do not make this mistake; use a vac and thoroughly clean the bottom of the pool to ensure the water is safe and ready for swimming.

Clean the Filter

Cleaning your pool’s water filter is as important as cleaning the pool itself. You will need to keep the filter turned on for at least 12 to 24 hours to clean the water. Then, turn off the filter, remove its cartridge, and wash it using pressure water (a garden hose would do good). Place it back after cleaning, and you are good to go.

Clean the Pool Floor

It is important to clean the pool floor by collecting and disposing of any debris left there. There are high chances you might not be able to remove hard debris. In such a situation, it is recommended to hire professionals.

If you find cracks or other damage to your pool, avoid delaying its repair. Instead, search for nearby pool repair companies on the internet and choose a reliable pool company like H & H Pools. We provide top-quality pool services, including pool repair, maintenance, and more. Contact us today to learn how we can help you. Dial (636) 209-8449 now!