8 Ways to Save Money on Pool Installation

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A pool is one of the most pleasing areas in your residential property. While it is for you to enjoy swimming or relax any time you want, it also adds beauty to your home. However, pool construction in St. Louis can get expensive depending on various factors. This article sheds light on eight ways to keep pool installation costs down.

8 Ways You Can Save Money on Pool Installation

Contact several companies

When it comes to installing a swimming pool, it is advised to contact as many pool installation companies in your region as possible. You may also ask your friends, colleagues, and neighbors for some affordable references. Then, contact each company for cost estimation to choose one that seems reliable and fits your pool installation budget.

Choose an affordable pool type

Shotcrete Pools – one of the world’s most popular and oldest pool construction methods, Shotcrete pools are made of sturdy concrete structures for high longevity. It can cost between $17-45 per square foot.

Fiberglass pools – it is a highly-customizable, ready-made pool shell with excellent durability. After digging the ground with the correct sizes, it can be placed in the dug-up area, costing around $25-50 per square foot.

Vinyl pools – their construction involves using a large-size vinyl sheet to fix-cover the actual supporting structure of the pool made of metal or concrete. It can cost from $14-45 per square foot.

Note – the actual costs can vary according to the material quality, pool size, manufacturers/suppliers, installation company, etc.

Consider minimal designs

A designer pool with multiple steps, curves, shelves, etc., can increase the cost of pool construction in St Louis. Therefore, you may go with minimalistic designs to keep the costs down.

Avoid additions or expensive materials

You can avoid spending on additions like a bubbler, waterfall, etc., and using upscale construction materials for finishing, decking, patio, etc. Besides, you can reduce the overall costs significantly by getting affordable alternatives.

Get a plunge pool

One of the economically best alternatives to expensive in-ground pools, plunge pools (aka swim spas) can help reduce pool installation costs by a big difference. These pools are huge tubs that can be placed on a platform above the ground.

Choose the size wisely

You can also consider choosing the size of your pool wisely, so it doesn’t raise the installation costs. For example, if you are a small family, a too-big pool might not be necessary and will cost more money.

Choose a good location

Avoid choosing a location where you already have something built to reduce ground preparation costs, which will impact the overall cost of pool construction.

Select a good company

You want your money invested in the best pool for your property. Hence, avoid ending up with a poorly-installed pool despite spending your hard-earned money and select a trusted pool construction company.

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