A Step-by-Step Guide to Constructing a Pool

Pool Construction

Want to give your home a makeover? Consider adding a pool to it. A well-designed and constructed pool can bring character to your home and add value to it.

Before selecting a pool builder near you for your pool building project, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the pool construction process.

Use this step-by-step guide to pool construction to develop an impressive and foolproof project plan.

Determine the Layout and Design

When determining the layout and design of your pool, some important factors to consider are its size, location and desired shape. Decide how you want to use your pool. Think about any features you may want to add to your pool in the future.

Familiarize yourself with federal, state and local zoning laws. Once you choose a design and layout, ask your contractor to create a 3D rendering of your pool so you can get an accurate idea of how it will look.


Your contractor may want to test your soil before breaking ground to check its composition and ensure that it can support a pool. After testing the soil, the contractor marks the perimeter of your swimming pool using wooden stakes.

A heavy-duty machinery such as a backhoe is used for excavation. Before your contractor commences excavation work, make sure the enclosed or nearby area has no water line or electric line crossing. Consider hiring a waste removal company to remove the debris produced during the process.

Establish the Foundation

If the site has loose soil, it should be filled and compacted with firm soil. Next, the base is compacted with respect to the terrain. Once the pool base is compacted, the contractor pours a small 5cm layer of cleansing concrete. They should make sure to provide the pool base with a pool gradient or slope.

Install the Steelwork

In this step, the contractor installs reinforcement steel for the pool wall and the bottom. A single steel cage reinforcement is provided for the surface. The concrete structure is constructed in one piece without any gap between the swimming pool wall and floor. After creating the steel reinforcement, the contractor places the plumbing and drainage lines.

Add the Finishing Touches

After building the pool base, the contractor builds a surface level deck around the pool and applies a finish. At this juncture, you can consider landscaping around your swimming pool. Next, your contractor installs designer lights to draw the eye to a particular design element, and make your pool stand out.

Fill Up Your Pool With Water and Treat it With Chemicals

Before filling up your pool with water, your contractor may acid-wash it. Add chemicals to your pool water to kill organic contaminants such as bacteria and algae and maintain its chemistry.

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