5 Best Pool Renovation Ideas in 2023

Pool Renovation


Your swimming pool undoubtedly functions well for more than a decade. However, you might want to consider some upgrades or remodeling to give it a new look or add some new features to make it more functional or enjoyable.

Renovating your pool does not only beautify or enhance the overall appearance of your home, but it also acts as an investment because a remodeled pool adds value to your property. Therefore, let’s discuss the five best pool renovation ideas you can use in 2023.

New shape/style

Remodeling your pool, for instance, changing its shape can really bring a big difference in its look as well as the surrounding area. Imagine converting a rectangular pool into one with curvy sides; giving it a raw appearance can be a great idea. Similarly, there can be many ways you can give your pool a makeover without replacing it completely.

Pool deck remodeling

If you do not want to touch the pool but want to upgrade it, you may consider changing or renovating its deck. It can create a big impact on your pool and the property. You get various options, including beautiful designs, stamped concrete, tiles, flagstone, etc.

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Latest pump and filter

If it has been around 8-10 years since you got a water pump and filter system for your pool, it might be time to replace it with a new one, preferably an advanced one. Also, such equipment may work for more years than its expected lifespan but need replacement when they become ineffective.

Refreshing water features

You can give your pool a refreshing new look and feel by adding one or more water features, such as a waterfall. Creativity has no bar when it comes to adding features like waterfalls; think about an underwater pencil jet in your pool with an above-ground cascade. Even the smallest or simplest feature can enhance the pool and surrounding environment.

Automatic LED Lights

Transform your standard pool into a luxurious and elegant one with a wide range of LED lights. There can be millions of ways you can use LED lights that are fully waterproof (typically made for pools) and available in beautiful colors.

Add them on the pool bottom, walls, docks, or pathways around it to light up the complete poolside scene. Automatic pool light fixtures turn on and off automatically according to the natural light changes.

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