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St. Louis Concrete Pool Repair & New Construction

H&H Pools is your partner to keep your concrete pool and concrete pool deck in beautiful, pristine condition.

Our experience and material understanding, have over 40 years in the concrete business, ensures you get the right solution for your outdoor issues.

Concrete or fiberglass Crack Repair: Tired of turning on the hose to keep filling your pool. Or u tired of looking at those awful cracks in your decorative concrete let H & H color match your deck to make your Pool deck look new again. Filling and texturing cracks to bring your eyes back to the beauty of your backyard and not those awful looking cracks.

Acid Washing, Power Washing, Restoration cleaning: Acid washing your in ground pool surface or your decorative concrete can be intimidating to a diy. It is hazardous to a persons health and may be a choice of cleaning that is not necessary. H & H has many years in cleaning pool surfaces, Kool deck, Pool deck resurfaces, masonry home or buildings. We will find the right cleaning solution for your project.

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Coping: Options can be endless with coping choices. It could be concrete, natural stone, boulders, brick, or Travertine. Our natural stone coping are hand shaped with a chisel and hammer to any shape required. Our natural stone copings a honed, polished, cut, and sealed to perfection.  If it is a repair or new coping let us takes the extra steps needed to esure adhesion occurs on your pool coping.

Cantaleiver Concrete Copings: A concrete coping can be endless with H & H pools installing or repairing your concrete coping.  We have experience in many decorative concrete systems.  Allowing us to create you with almost any color, texture, or material. Don’t be fooled by companies telling you ther instaliing a kool deck.  There are many deck coating that are cooler than gray concrete but there is no substitute for Kool deck. Don’t let anyone tell u u cant stamp you kool deck because we do it. 

Concrete Decking: If it’s a concrete deck overlay or if your taking out the old and replacing it with new. We can color match most Decorative Concrete overlays and textures to keep you from having to look at those unfortunate eye sores. Let H & H guide you through your options. Whether it would be mudjacking, concrete repair, removal, or an Epoxy coated garage floor. H & H will guide you through the best process for your concrete repair project.  

Retaining Walls: No matter what type of retaining wall that is needed for your project. We can provide and construct the materials needed to wrap, curve, flow or match a color to your retaining needs. H & H can construct any wall for your needs whether it’s a block, concrete, boulder, or an interlocking system. A concrete or block wall may not be attractive , but if designed correctly can be veneered with a natural stone at a later date or even overlayed to give a look of stucco, stone of brick. The most important factor in retaining walls is a good drainage system. Without the proper amounts of gravel fabric and drainage your retaining wall will not last the test of time.


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